My @#$#&*! painter never showed up!!!! How do I find a reliable painter?

My @#$#&*! painter never showed up!!!! How do I find a reliable painter?

Unfortunately this is a more common experience in Toronto than it should be.  Here’s how you can avoid this occurrence and find a reliable painter…

Here’s the backstory,

You found someone either through a recommendation of a friend, or perhaps on Facebook, or a lawn sign.  

He seemed like a nice fellow when he met with you for the quote.

He gave you a price, you accepted it and booked in a start date.

The start date rolled around and no painter!  No phone call, no text, no email – Nothing!!

Why would this happen in the first place?

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First off, it’s very easy to call yourself a painting contractor.  

Barriers to entry are very low, a vehicle, some brushes, rollers, roller trays and you can call yourself a painter.  However, with such a low startup cost some people treat their “painting business” as a part-time hobby.

Many of these “painting contractors” will do cash only, so that they can avoid taxes and proper insurances, which places a lot of risk on the homeowner that hires them.

To sum it up, they don’t have much invested in the process, so it’s easy for them to quit on their customers and leave them high and dry.

How can you find a reliable painting contractor?

You can minimize the chance of this happening to you by doing your due diligence.  How so?

Ask your painting contractor how many years they’ve been in business?  

As a general rule of thumb, the more years someone has been in business, the more they are invested in the success of their business.  

At CAM Painters, we’ve been in business for 16 years.  We’ve invested thousands of dollars in equipment, so that we can provide a great customer experience.Toronto house painter, interior painting, exterior painting, wallpaper installation

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Look for reviews and testimonials

People will always say good things about themselves, sometimes they can even get a couple of other people to say good things about them.  

Look for reliable contractors with lots of social proof:

They’ve got lots of Google reviews – not just one review from their mother!  At CAM Painters we currently have over 20 5 star reviews and counting!

They’ve got video testimonials – and not just written testimonials because those can be fabricated.  We’ve got a number of video testimonials both on our YouTube channel and our websitereliable painter, toronto house painter, interior painting, exterior painting, wallpaper installation

A reputable contractor will give a written proposal and back up their work with a written warranty  

You want an agreement in writing, so that there is no gray area of “he said, she said”.  At CAM Painters we have a written proposal that goes over every aspect of the job from start to finish.

A reliable contractor will offer a written warranty on their work.  At CAM Painters we offer a 5 year written warranty on both interior and exterior projects, as well as one hour of free touch ups each year, so that your house always looks it’s best!

To sum it up…

If you do your due diligence when you select a painting contractor you can minimize surprises during the painting process, such as someone not showing up when they say they will, or any other myriad of missed promises.

At CAM Painters we strive to give an excellent painting experience from start to finish, so why don’t you book a quote?  We’d be happy to Transform Your Home With Lasting Beauty!

Toronto Home Painting Tips: Painting Trim

Toronto Home Painting Tips: Painting Trim

Painting trim in your Toronto home and keeping it touched up should be a priority. It is an abused part of a home; vacuum hoses get dragged along the corners of baseboard, door frames and doors get constantly touched with hands, when vacuuming the head of the vacuum gets bumped against the baseboard. The paint job should usually be refreshed every few years to touch up any damaged areas.

A question that is commonly asked is, “Would painting the trim in my house be a do-it-yourself project or should I hire a professional?”  The answer depends, if you have the time, proper tools and patience you can make it a DIY project, so let’s go through the process:

Painting Trim in Your Toronto Home: Supplies List

  • 180 grit sandpaper
  • rags
  • green painter’s tape
  • primer (if painting over oil paint or varnish)
  • drop sheets (4×12 or 4×15 runners are the best)
  • paint can opener
  •  stir stick
  • good quality angle-sash paint brush (1.5″ or 2″)
  • Mini-roller & roller tray (if you’re painting doors)
  • gloves (optional – but the paint we use is hard to clean off skin)
  • paint brush spinner (optional – but makes cleaning brushes and rollers easier)

Painting Trim in Your Toronto Home Step 1: Determine Whether You Have Oil or Latex Paint on Your Trim

A professional can usually look at the paint and determine whether it is oil or latex, based on how the brush marks look – latex paint dries with more brush marks than oil paint.

Damaged Trim: Toronto Home Painting - House Painters, CAM Painters

If you’re unsure, use the nail polish remover test:

  • take some nail polish on a rag and rub the trim
  • if the paint transfers on to the rag it’s latex paint
  • if the paint does not transfer on to the rag it’s oil paint

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Painting Trim In Your Toronto Home Step 2:  Degloss The Trim

Regardless if the trim is oil or latex, it is generally painted with a glossy paint. To allow the paint or primer to adhere better I’d recommend giving the trim a light scuff sand.  All you want to accomplish is breaking open the top layer of the paint to allow the paint or primer to penetrate deeper.

Think of it this way, is it easier to remove a drop of paint from a piece of glass or from a driveway?  The glass is glossy and doesn’t allow the paint to penetrate, the paint can easily be taken off with your fingernail.  If that drop of paint lands on your driveway, you might never get it off because the roughness of the surface means that the paint penetrates deeper.

This is why the rougher the surface the better for paint adhesion and penetration.

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Painting Trim In Your Toronto Home Step 3:  Wipe Down The Trim

After sanding give the trim a wipe with a rag to remove the dust particles.  The rag can be wet with water or denatured alcohol (if you don’t want to wait for the water to dry).

Painting Trim In Your Toronto Home Step 4: Prime The Trim If It’s Oil Paint or Varnish

Going back to step 1, if your trim is latex you can opt not to prime (although priming doesn’t hurt, either).  However, if it is oil or if it is varnished wood, I’d definitely recommend a primer.

Painting Trim: Toronto Home Painting - House Painters, CAM Painters

Here are a few primers that are appropriate for trim:

Tip:  if you’re concerned with being able to keep a straight edge feel free to use painters tape – just remember: firmly press it down so the paint doesn’t bleed underneath and take it off as soon as the paint sets up to avoid damaging the surface underneath.

Painting Trim In Your Toronto Home Step 5: Paint The Trim

We’re now to the step where we paint the trim.  I like to use the new hybrid paint products that are out in the market.  These products have water clean up, but when they dry, they have the properties of oil paint.

Trim on Fireplace: Toronto Home Painting - House Painters, CAM Painters

A couple of these properties that I like are:

  • As they dry, the brush marks level out into a smooth appearance
  • When fully dry they are harder and more durable than latex paint

Here are a couple of paints that I recommend for trim:

When painting always finish the area you’re working on with a long brush stroke – the paint will dry to a smoother finish.

Also, always keep a wet edge.  When you start on a particular piece, finish it before stopping for a break.

When you have finally finished all of the above, clean up and admire your work!

If you’d rather admire CAM Painters work than your own book a quote!  We’d be happy to Transform your home with lasting beauty!

Toronto Home Painting: How To Paint In The Colder Winter Months

Toronto Home Painting: How To Paint In The Colder Winter Months

As the colder months start many people have the misconception that Toronto interior painting is best left for warmer times of the year.  Let me clear up some of these misconceptions, and explain why they exist in the first place.

Toronto Home Painting Misconception #1: Paint Smells

First, in the winter months, you can’t open the windows to air the house out.  This comes from a time when oil-based paint was commonly used in the interior of a home.  Oil-based paint has a long dry time, and it’s quite smelly as it dries.  Even until recently most latex paints had a noticeable odour.  Many people sensitive to odour opted to have their painting projects done during warmer months when windows could be left open.  With the windows open the smell would air out quickly.

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Painting Toronto Ceiling- Toronto Home Painting - House Painters, CAM Painters

Currently, we have a whole selection of low to no-VOC and low-odour products to choose from.  In fact, most top-line paint from Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and others are low-odour.  This allows us to paint in the winter months with the windows closed and very little “paint smell” is created.  As well, with low to no-VOC paint little to no toxins are released into the air as paint dries.

Toronto Home Painting Misconception #2: Dry Time

Secondly, many people are concerned that paint takes longer to dry in the colder months than it does in the warmer months.  In most cases, this is simply not true.  Interior air in the winter is much drier than interior air in the summer.  Furnaces give off a very dry heat, which actually causes paint to dry quicker than in the summer months.

Here’s a situation where dry time can be longer in cold weather:  If a house is poorly insulated outside walls can be quite cold, and this can cause longer dry times.  Usually, this happens in homes built before the 1970s that have not had the insulation upgraded.  If we run across this, we’ll use quicker drying patching compounds and quicker drying paint as well as a fan or heater to speed up the drying process.  Therefore, in the rare instance that we run across a home with poor insulation we can take steps to ensure that painting in the colder months can proceed without any compromise in the quality of the paint job.Painting Toronto Door- Toronto Home Painting - House Painters, CAM Painters

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Here is an advantage to scheduling your painting during the colder months.  Since there is no exterior painting going on, painting contractors are generally less busy during these times of the year.  Therefore, it’s much easier for a painting contractor to schedule the work in – there’s less of a wait time for you.

In fact, CAM Painters is running a promotion for work booked during the months of January and February 2017.  If you book your project during these months we’ll give you 10% off to a maximum of $500.  It’s a win-win, so watch the video below… and book a quote!


CAM Painters will Transform your home with Lasting Beauty!