Toronto Wallpaper Project:  7 Accent walls

Toronto Wallpaper Project: 7 Accent walls

We recently completed a project in the east end of Toronto that consisted of 7 separate accent walls, and the client was delighted.  Here’s what we did:

How much wallpaper is too much?

The first question you might ask is, 7 different types of wallpaper in one house, isn’t that a little much?  The answer is a resounding NO!  The client employed the services of an excellent interior designer, and all the different wallpaper worked well together.

Master suite

There were 2 different wallpapers used in the master suite, one for the headboard wall in the master bedroom and another for the window wall in the ensuite bathroom

The master bedroom accent wall has a wonderful large scale botanical print, which really adds some punch to the room.  The ensuite bathroom has a small geometric pattern.  Geometric patterns are very popular in bathrooms, they can mimic the look of tile, at a fraction of the cost!

Spare bedroom

This accent wall continues the botanical theme.  The wall is an alcove of sorts, with the bulkhead above.  One clever thing the interior designer did was select a very matte paper.  Why was this clever?  There’s pot-lights in the bulkhead overhead creating a very angular light source, if the paper had any gloss in it whatsoever, it would show seams and any slight imperfections in the wall.  The matte paper is much more forgiving in this regard.


In this room we have a tree print that really plays with the light.  The print is a little more glossy than the background, so it changes depending on the angle that one looks at it.  That’s just one reason why pictures of wallpaper don’t do it justice, one needs to see how light plays off the different textures and levels of sheen, really cool paper!

Main Bathroom

In the main bathroom the client picked a chinoiserie wallpaper and had me install it on the wall opposite the mirror.  It was a wise choice to install it only on one wall, the pattern has a lot going on and would have been a little too much if installed on all the walls.

Main floor accent walls

On the main floor we did 2 accent walls, one in the dining room and one in the living room.  Since the main floor is an open concept it was essential that the wallpaper harmonized with each other.  One way to do this is to select the same wallpaper for both areas.  However, our client selected 2 types of wallpaper with the same colour, but different pattern.  The best way to do this is to select 2 papers from the same collection which ensures that the colours will match.

Here’s the finished product!

In conclusion

If you’d like to introduce some pattern into your home, why don’t you have us install some wallpaper accent walls?  Book a quote, We’d love to Transform Your Home With Lasting Beauty!

Toronto Wallpaper Installation Project:  2 Storey Fireplace

Toronto Wallpaper Installation Project: 2 Storey Fireplace

Recently we transformed the fireplace in a loft in the west end of Toronto with wallpaper.  This wasn’t a typical installation and it required more problem solving than a normal wallpaper installation.  Let’s go through how we did it:

Material requirements

First, we had to make sure that we had wallpaper quantities properly calculated.  The ceilings were 18’ high and it was a 15’ drop from ceiling to the top of the fireplace.  Usually a double roll will do 3 to 4 drops (the distance from ceiling to top of baseboard), but in this case we were only able to get 2 drops out of each double roll.  So, due to the longer drops we required more rolls of the wallpaper than a similar area with smaller drops.

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toronto wallpaper installation, 2 storey fireplace

Access issues

The most obvious issue that had to be dealt with was accessing the two storey wall.  If the fireplace wall was being painted we could just put up an extension to brush the top edge in and then roll everything else using a roller on an extension pole.

Extension ladders are problematic with wallpaper installations because it has to be set up to one side in order to avoid the path of the strip of wallpaper.  This means that the installer has to lean far to one side in order to install a strip of wallpaper, an awkward position to say the least.

Step ladders are generally used on most wallpaper installations, which is fine on ceilings up to around 12’.  This particular installation would have required a 16’ step ladder, which wasn’t practical to get through condo hallways.

Scaffolding was the best solution.  The scaffold frames were 5’x5’, which meant that they could be easily maneuvered through the hallways, and we could have brought them on a service elevator if we needed to.

3 levels of scaffolding were used, so the scaffolding height came to about 16’ when it was fully assembled.

Wallpaper Installation

Once we had the access issue taken care of, the installation was fairly straightforward.  Each strip was hung by two installers, the first on the top platform and the 2nd on the middle platform.  Once the top portion was put in place the top platform installer would descend the floor to complete installation of the strip.

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In conclusion

Through proper planning we were able to take a complex install and turn it into a regular day at work.  If you’d like CAM Painters to tackle your complex wallpaper installation why don’t you book a quote? We’d love to Transform Your Home With Lasting Beauty!

Want to install a wallpaper mural in your Toronto home?

Want to install a wallpaper mural in your Toronto home?

mural installation, toronto wallpaper installation

Marble slab wallpaper in an office

One of the things we’ve been doing more of the last few years is mural installation.  Murals are a specialty subset of wallpaper and were traditionally very hard to source.  Traditional paint stores with their books of wallpaper, just weren’t able to offer them.  Now, however, with the popularity of online shopping, many websites specialize in offering wallpaper murals.  In fact, some printers will make a custom mural from any digital image you can supply them!

What’s the difference between traditional wallpaper and a wallpaper mural?

mural installation, toronto wallpaper installation

Traditional wallpaper

The main difference is that wallpaper is a repetitive pattern, whereas a mural can be anything at all.  Some popular murals can be city skylines, world maps, even a picture of a marble slab.

How to select a wallpaper mural

You want to make sure that the size of the mural will fit the size of your wall.  If it’s too big for the wall you might lose some of the picture as it’s trimmed to size.  If the mural is too small then it won’t fill the entire wall.

mural installation, toronto wallpaper installation

World map mural in a nursery

Therefore, you want to purchase a mural that’s bigger than the wall it’s going on.  A good rule of thumb is to have at least a couple of inches of waste, but not more than a foot.  Therefore, if your wall is 8’h x 10’w you’ll want something that’s in the range of 8’2” to 9’ high by 10’2” to 11” wide.

Is there a different installation process?

Since there is no repetitive pattern to a mural, the picture is divided into numbered panels.  The actual installation process is no different than normal wallpaper, in most cases it uses the same paste and the same techniques.  However, there’s no room for error, because if a panel is ruined, there’s nothing to fix it with. Therefore, when it comes to the installation you want to select an experienced wallpaper installer, rather than a novice.

mural installation, toronto wallpaper installation

Clouds in a powder room

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In conclusion

CAM Painters has taken on many mural installations and has the expertise to ensure your installation is done to the highest standards.  Why don’t you book a quote? We’d love to Transform Your Home With Lasting Beauty!

A Career with CAM Painters in Toronto!

A Career with CAM Painters in Toronto!

Are you looking for a career in the trades with room to grow?  At CAM Painters we are always looking to grow our team by hiring the best and the brightest!

In this post we’ll tell you what we’re expecting of our new hires along with the benefits of working at CAM Painters.

What are the benefits of a career with CAM Painters?painter hiring, careers, interior painting, exterior painting

We are looking for payroll employees, not subcontractors. That means that we cover liability insurance and WSIB, wheras subcontractors have to provide their own.

Full time year round employees. When we find great team members we like to keep them busy year round!

We offer health benefits after 90 days of employment. It’s important that our employees stay healthy, so a portion of massages, chiropractic visits and others are covered.

Your opinion is valued at CAM Painters. We have regular team meetings where suggestions from our painters regarding processes, equipment and customer service can be discussed and implemented.

What we expect of our painters


If you don’t know how to do something, or if you don’t know what’s expected of you, please ask.  Different painting companies have different ways of doing things. So even if you’ve been painting for a long time, please ask about how we’d like things done.  There’s no shame in asking questions.

Clean up after yourself

Cleaning up after yourself is essential when working in residential painting.  In fact, it’s a non-negotiable, so leaving a messy job site is completely unacceptable.  We provide the best customer experience in the painting business and clean up is one of those key areas that we differentiate ourselves.

Keep it above the line








As we work together, it’s most productive to keep it above the line.  If there is a problem, what can you do to own the problem and what solutions can you offer to fix it?  Can you be accountable to your coworkers and complete the tasks you have promised you would? Can you be responsible to show up when required?

Blame, excuses and denial are not productive at all.  They halt creativity and give the customer a bad experience, which has ruined many businesses.

Some tips for the interview

career, Toronto house painter, interior painting, exterior painting, wallpaper installationShow up on time – this really goes without saying.

Be neat in your appearance.  There is no need to wear a suit and tie, of course, but making sure your clothes are neat and you are well-groomed will go a long way in making a good first impression.

Print out your resume and bring it with you.  It’s handy for us to have a printed copy of your resume to refer to, and take notes on.

Be honest with your answers – We’re not looking for a know-it-all, but we are looking for people humble enough to take advice and be willing to grow.

On your first day

If we decide that there is a good fit and we’d like to invite you to a training session and/or a jobsite there are a few things to keep in mind:

Ask questions – you are starting a new position, with a new company.  Even if you’ve painted before, every company operates differently and has different systems and ways of producing work.  There will be a transition period and asking questions will help accelerate your learning curve.

Come with a good work ethic – this gives us something to work with.  If you are energetic and willing to get things done then we merely have to point you in the right direction.  Without a good work ethic the old adage “you can’t steer a parked car” definitely applies!

In conclusion

We’re always looking for all-star painters and you can either be an all-star painter or have the potential to be an all-star painter.  If you’re looking for a career as a painter, why don’t you apply? Together we can Transform Homes With Lasting Beauty!

Chalkboard Calendar installation in Toronto!

Chalkboard Calendar installation in Toronto!

Have you ever thought about having a chalkboard calendar in your Toronto home?  How about a magnetic chalkboard calendar?

We did just that for a cooking studio in the west end of Toronto.


Here are the steps that we did…


  • Tape – We used Frog Tape for the border and ¼” tape for the grid lines
  • Activewall magnetic primer – It’s the primer that gives the wall it’s ability to hold on to magnets.  Be sure to purchase enough as 1 gallon will only cover 100 sq. ft.
  • Activewall chalkboard paint
  • Drop sheets
  • Rollers and roller trays
  • Laser level
  • Measuring tape
  • Patience, lot’s of patience!

Chalkboard Calendar Layout

Our calendar ended up being 133” wide by 100” tall, each square ended up being 19” wide by 15” tall.

In order to get straight lines we used a laser level to line up the border, which we tchalkboard calendar, toronto house painteraped off first.  We made sure that we pressed down on the entire length of the tape, so that the paint wouldn’t bleed underneath.

Then we marked off the location of the grid lines, which we then taped off with the ¼” tape.  We decided to tape the horizontal lines first and then the verticals.

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The primer has to be coated thick to ensure that magnets will stick to it.  In order to get the recommended coverage we needed to do 3 coats of the primer.

chalkboard calendar, chalkboard paint, toronto house painterThe manufacturer recommends that the primer dries for 12 hours before applying the finish coat.  We decided to take the tape off as soon as we were finished priming, and then re-tape the following day.  Why did we do this? Because the primer goes on so thick, once it dries there will be a lot of surface tension.  So if we pulled the tape after the primer was fully dry, there would be a risk of peeling some of the paint off with the primer.

Finish coat

The day following we checked over our primer and made sure it was nice and smooth for the chalkboard paint.  Any little flecks of debris were sanded off.

We re-taped the layout, this time using the layout of the primer as our guide, rather than a laser level.chalkboard calendar, chalkboard paint, toronto house painter

Then the chalkboard paint was rolled on, one coat being sufficient.  The thicker the finish coat, the less magnetic the surface will be, so it’s important to coat the surface as thin as possible.

The tape was then peeled to reveal our wonderful chalkboard calendar!

Finishing touches

Our client purchased some wood letters for the days of the week, which we painted with gloss red paint.  These were mounted using construction adhesive.

One thing to keep in mind is that 24 hours dry time is needed before the chalkboard can be used and a full week is needed before the chalkboard can be wiped down.  This is very common for paint, most needs a couple of weeks before it can be washed.

In conclusion

If this is something that you’d like done for your home or place of business, why don’t you book a quote online?  We’d love to Transform Your Home (or business) With Lasting Beauty!