Our clients are the best and we want to make sure that they are well-taken care of, and one of the ways we do this is by offering FREE Touch Ups!  Here’s how it works!


How it works


Every year on the anniversary of us finishing your paint project we offer 1 hour of FREE touch ups.  This includes every surface that we have painted.  So note down when we finish painting for you and for the next 5 years on interior projects and 3 years on exterior projects we will schedule in your hour of FREE touch ups!


Why do we offer FREE touch ups?


Accidents happen and sometimes unfortunate dings and scratches can happen too.  Children, pets, aggressive cleaners and others can damage even the most durable of paints.  We’ll come and touch up those areas so your home looks as good as when we originally finished!  Homes that we’ve painted are our best advertisement and we want to make sure your home looks it’s best!


What’s the difference between our warranty and our FREE touch ups?


Our warranty covers our workmanship.  This could apply to an area not properly prepared, or an improper primer or finish coat used, or improper application.  Basically it means we made some sort of mistake that has caused an area to fail prematurely.  


Our 1 hour of FREE touch ups covers the rest, it doesn’t matter if it’s not our fault, we’ll come back and fix it (to a maximum of 1 hour, of course).


In conclusion


We want you to be proud of your home and we think that the paint job should look as good 5 years down the road as it did when we first finished.  It’s all part of transforming your home with lasting beauty!