Our Story

I, Craig Armstrong, started CAM Painters in Toronto, ON back in 2001, but how did I end up in the painting business?

The Early Years….

I was born and raised in the east end of Toronto and the only memories of painting and decorating as a child was pulling up the seams of the wallpaper my dad had installed in my bedroom – he was not very pleased!

Paying my way through University

Fast forward a number of years to when I was studying at University of Toronto I needed to pay for my books, tuition and other school related expenses and my brother was running a painting business at the time, so I decided to work for him. My brother’s business mainly consisted of exterior residential repaints and some interior residential repaints and I really enjoyed working outside during the summers in my university years.

Why I Started CAM Painters…

When I graduated university I decided to start CAM Painters, I was attracted to running my own business and being able to set the standard of quality, rather than have a boss set the standard of quality, which might not have been the same as mine.

When I started CAM Painters in 2001 I had very little money, so my marketing consisted of printing flyers and going door-to-door. From that point I was able to book some work and grow the business from there.

Although I have used traditional forms of advertising, the main source of work over the years has been referral based. I am truly appreciative for my customers promoting my services to their friends and family, as it has truly been the lifeblood of my business.

Running a business can be very challenging at times, but the payoff is when a customer’s home is transformed and seeing the look of delight on their faces and hearing their appreciative words.

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