Painter For a Day

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What do you do if your place just needs a freshening up in a few areas, and not a complete paint job?  How about just painting the walls in a bedroom?  How about freshening up some trim that the family pet has been scratching or rubbing up against?

“A painter wouldn’t bother with something small like that” you might say.  CAM Painters will!

With our Painter for a Day service, one of our fully trained and fully insured painters comes to your house with all the necessary supplies for up to eight hours of work. Together, you create a priority list for painting-related work you need completed, and our professional will get to work.

Need some ideas?  Here’s what a painter can do in one day:

  • Paint a small powder room or bathroom – ceiling, walls and trim
  • or paint a couple of accent walls
  • or paint the ceiling all the walls in a bedroom or other similar sized room
  • or perhaps touch up some walls and/or trim that are a little worn looking
  • or a combination of things totalling 8 hours

How much for all this awesomeness?  $600 plus HST.  The cost of paint and materials is additional.  This give you 8 hours of labour for one painter or 4 hours of labour for two painters.

Why don’t you hand your to-do list over to the professionals and schedule an estimate today!

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