We love using Farrow & Ball Paints – they’ve got an incredible selection of unique colours that can only be achieved with pigment-rich paints. Here are just some of the reasons why we think these paints are awesome:

Their colours look fantastic!

Farrow and Ball is known for having a wide array of deep saturated colours in a variety of finishes. How do they achieve that?  On average their paints use 8 different tints per colour.  Most other manufacturers use a maximum of 5 tints per colour.  As you can probably guess, this creates a depth of colour and a complexity of colour that other manufacturers can’t match

Farrow & Ball paints are available in modern matte finishes as well as traditional eggshells, satins and glosses; there are even semi-glosses if you want something in between those two extremes!

Their paints offer great coverage

Their paints are pigment-rich.  Not only do they have a wide variety of tint in each can, they have a lot of that pigment in each can.  This results in excellent coverage.  Why should this matter to you?  If we have a paint that gives great coverage in 2 coats rather than 3, that saves us labour time and ultimately that time savings saves our clients money!

Their paints are durable

Farrow & Ball paints are made with the highest quality materials which means that they are durable and able to handle the day to day wear and tear that your walls and trim are typically subjected to – especially if you have pets or children running around!  Not only that, if an unfortunate accident happens to your paint job, we’ve got you covered with 1 hour of FREE Touch ups every year for 5 years


Farrow & Ball paints are a great option for your home, the colours they offer are beautiful, the paint itself gives great coverage and is durable.  It’s a great choice to transform your home with!