As the colder months start many people have the misconception that Toronto interior painting is best left for warmer times of the year. Let me clear up some of these misconceptions, and explain why they exist in the first place.

Toronto Home Painting Misconception #1: Paint Smells

First, in the winter months, you can’t open the windows to air the house out, so many of us take advantage of our home furnace if we have to open windows because of the paint fumes. Just imagine how cold it would be if you didn’t have access to a heating system in your home? Of course, your main aim could be to dry your paint as quickly as possible, and that’s fine, but you also need to take care of yourself, especially in the colder months. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that your system will last for the duration of the winter, so making sure you get it serviced or repaired, with companies like Buric Heating and Air Conditioning ( can help to make sure that your home can be heated with warm air, without the worry of it breaking. What could be better than having a warm home, and fresh paint on the walls?

There was a time when oil-based paint was commonly used in the interior of a home. Oil-based paint has a long dry time, and it’s quite smelly as it dries. Even until recently most latex paints had a noticeable odor. Many people sensitive to odor opted to have their painting projects done during warmer months when windows could be left open. With the windows open the smell would air out quickly. Painting windows can sometimes be a hassle, especially if people have to make sure that they’ve timed their appointment at the correct time of year. This might be why some people have considered contacting a replacement windows austin company to replace their windows for energy-efficient ones that don’t even have to be painted. For some homeowners, getting windows like this might be beneficial as they won’t have to worry about airing their house out. Not to mention, their home would always look clean and well-maintained. However, before changing your windows, it might be worth having a look at a home window replacement guide to make sure you’ve found the best windows for your home. By learning about some of the different windows available, you can make sure that you’ve found the most practical windows for your home. This should keep your home safer and warmer throughout the winter.

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Currently, we have a whole selection of low to no-VOC and low-odour products to choose from. In fact, most top-line paint from Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore and others are low-odour. This allows us to paint in the winter months with the windows closed and very little “paint smell” is created. As well, with low to no-VOC paint little to no toxins are released into the air as paint dries.

Toronto Home Painting Misconception #2: Dry Time

Secondly, many people are concerned that paint takes longer to dry in the colder months than it does in the warmer months. In most cases, this is simply not true. Interior air in the winter is much drier than interior air in the summer. Furnaces give off a very dry heat, which actually causes paint to dry quicker than in the summer months.

Here’s a situation where dry time can be longer in cold weather: If a house is poorly insulated outside walls can be quite cold, and this can cause longer dry times. Usually, this happens in homes built before the 1970s that have not had the insulation upgraded. If we run across this, we’ll use quicker drying patching compounds and quicker drying paint as well as a fan or heater to speed up the drying process. Therefore, in the rare instance that we run across a home with poor insulation we can take steps to ensure that painting in the colder months can proceed without any compromise in the quality of the paint job.Painting Toronto Door- Toronto Home Painting - House Painters, CAM Painters

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Here is an advantage to scheduling your painting during the colder months. Since there is no exterior painting going on, painting contractors are generally less busy during these times of the year. Therefore, it’s much easier for a painting contractor to schedule the work in – there’s less of a wait time for you.

In fact, CAM Painters is running a promotion for work booked during the months of January and February 2017. If you book your project during these months we’ll give you 10% off to a maximum of $500. It’s a win-win, so watch the video below… and book a quote!

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