mural installation, toronto wallpaper installation

Marble slab wallpaper in an office

One of the things we’ve been doing more of the last few years is mural installation. Murals are a specialty subset of wallpaper and were traditionally very hard to source. They don’t just come in the form of wallpaper though. Some artists offer custom murals LA which are painted directly onto the wall, to show a beautiful image or text. Wallpaper is an easy option, but if you’re interested in getting a traditional route, contact an artist. Traditional paint stores with their books of wallpaper, just weren’t able to offer them. Now, however, with the popularity of online shopping, many websites specialize in offering wallpaper murals. In fact, some printers will make a custom mural from any digital image you can supply them!

What’s the difference between traditional wallpaper and a wallpaper mural?

mural installation, toronto wallpaper installation

Traditional wallpaper

The main difference is that wallpaper is a repetitive pattern, whereas a mural can be anything at all. Some popular murals can be city skylines, world maps, even a picture of a marble slab.

How to select a wallpaper mural

You want to make sure that the size of the mural will fit the size of your wall. If it’s too big for the wall you might lose some of the picture as it’s trimmed to size. If the mural is too small then it won’t fill the entire wall.

mural installation, toronto wallpaper installation

World map mural in a nursery

Therefore, you want to purchase a mural that’s bigger than the wall it’s going on. A good rule of thumb is to have at least a couple of inches of waste, but not more than a foot. Therefore, if your wall is 8’h x 10’w you’ll want something that’s in the range of 8’2″ to 9′ high by 10’2″ to 11″ wide.

Is there a different installation process?

Since there is no repetitive pattern to a mural, the picture is divided into numbered panels. The actual installation process is no different than normal wallpaper, in most cases it uses the same paste and the same techniques. However, there’s no room for error, because if a panel is ruined, there’s nothing to fix it with. Therefore, when it comes to the installation you want to select an experienced wallpaper installer, rather than a novice.

mural installation, toronto wallpaper installation

Clouds in a powder room

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In conclusion

CAM Painters has taken on many mural installations and has the expertise to ensure your installation is done to the highest standards. Why don’t you book a quote? We’d love to Transform Your Home With Lasting Beauty!