When is it too cold to paint the exterior of my Toronto home?

When is it too cold to paint the exterior of my Toronto home?

As I write this at the end of September we are having warmer weather than we’ve had all summer in Toronto.  But eventually this heat wave will end, which begs the question, when is it too cold to paint the exterior of my Toronto home?

The simple answer is, it depends on the paint and the outside temperature.  Usually the paint can lists the temperature range that it works best in.  So, what happens when you paint in the outer limits of the range – either too hot or too cold?

What happens when you paint in weather that is too hot?

The hotter it is outside, the faster paint will dry.  Keeping this in mind is key, because if the paint dries to quickly it won’t dry all the way through.  Instead, the top layer of the paint will dry and leave wet paint underneath, which will eventually blister as the solvent separates from the paint.  This is only a problem when the temperature is in the high twenties and above.exterior painting, toronto house painting, too cold

How do you avoid this?

The best thing to do is to avoid painting in the direct sun when it’s in the high twenties and above.  Another thing to keep in mind is to apply thin coats, which have a better chance of drying all the way through.  

Keeping these tips in mind can keep you painting throughout the warm summer months

What happens when you paint in weather that is too cold?

The colder it gets, the longer it takes for paint to dry.  In fact, it can take twice as long for paint to dry at 2 degrees vs 7 degrees.  So if the forecast says that there is an overnight frost warning, the paint might not have a chance to dry before the frost hits, which means it will not fully cure until the following day.

So what is our general rule-of-thumb?

Just to give an extra margin of error, we like to make sure that the weather isn’t predicted to get below 5 degrees overnight.exterior painting, toronto house painter, too cold

Most years it stays above this threshold until mid to late October.  

Do you still have some exterior painting to do?

Act fast and book a quote, we might be able to fit your project in this year.  If not, you can book your project for the spring of 2018 at this year’s pricing, so it always pays to plan ahead!  CAM Painters would love to Transform the exterior of your home with lasting beauty!

Can you paint metal soffit and eaves in Toronto?

Can you paint metal soffit and eaves in Toronto?

Many Toronto homeowners want to update the colour of their soffit and eaves, however, they’re not sure if they can paint over prefinished metal. The answer is YES! Painting is the most economical way to update the look of your soffit, eaves and downspout. To further maintain your new coats of paint of your guttering system, you may also want to look into companies like mastershield that manufacture gutter guards to keep your gutter debris and damage free.

First thing…

Why would you want to paint your soffit & eaves?

The factory finish is wearing off.

Although factory finished paint will generally last longer than anything site-finished, it will eventually fade or wear off. The soffit, eaves and downspout are still structurally sound, it’s just that they aren’t looking so good aesthetically speaking. Putting fresh coats of paint is a great way to extend the life of the soffit

You want to change the colour. soffit, Toronto house painters, exterior painting

Painting is the easiest way to change the colour of soffit and eaves. An advantage is that you’re not limited to the colour options of an eavestrough manufacturer, you can custom match virtually any colour you’d like. And just as a little extra, this would be a good time to clean out your eavestrough.

What’s the process for painting soffit and eaves?

First, we need to make sure the surface is clean. This can be accomplished by a pressure wash or even just a spray with a commercial cleaning solution. In addition, we could Bulk buy wet wipes, in order to continually make sure that the surfaces are clean during and after the process has been completed.

Next, we use a DTM acrylic. DTM stands for Direct To Metal, and, as you probably guessed, it’s formulated to go directly on top of metal with no priming needed. Another advantage of the DTM Acrylic is that the water-based formula is designed to withstand extremes in temperature, much better than the old oil metal paints we used to have to use years ago. Metal expands and contracts with changes in weather and latex paint is flexible which allows it to expand and contract with the substrate, which the old oil metal paints we used to use could not.


In conclusion

If you are looking to update or refresh the look of your metal prefinished soffit, eaves and downspout, why don’t you have it painted? It’s durable, economical and offers the most variety of colour. Why don’t you book a quote for your project today? We’d love to transform your home with lasting beauty!

When is it too cold to paint the exterior of my Toronto home?

3 Interesting exterior ideas for your Toronto home

At CAM Painters we love transforming the exterior of Toronto homes with lasting beauty. Here are 3 exterior ideas for your Toronto home that you might not have considered. Among them are simple ideas that will enhance the look of your home!

Exterior Idea 1: Scripted House Numbers

We’ve had requests for scripted house numbers. Rather than hire a sign painting artist we decided to print the scripted address in vinyl, similar to what you’d see on the side of a commercial vehicle. The installation process is very similar to wallpaper installation, so it was right up our alley! Here’s the process from start to finish!

Scripted address, Toronto house painter, exterior painting

Centering and leveling vinyl graphic

scripted address, Toronto house painter, exterior painting

Vinyl graphic backing is removed and smoothed out

scripted address, Toronto house painter, exterior painting

top layer of film is removed and we are done!

Exterior Idea 2: Paint your Front Door a Bold Colour!

A front door is a great place to introduce a hit of colour. When there is a bold colour on the front door people’s eyes are attracted to it, and where their eyes are attracted they will go. Of course, you could look at getting one of the many coloured exterior fiberglass doors instead of painting your old door, especially if your door is outdated or damaged. However, if it is in good condition, painting it should work fine. You could also take a look at adding something like these pilasters, there are many different styles you could pick from, but they would also help to attract people’s eyes to your front door. The easiest thing to do though would probably be to paint the front door. So by painting your front door a bold colour you will attract people to the place you want them to go! Just a word of warning, don’t forget to match the color of your door to the colors of things you can change as easily, like your Nabors Garage Doors otherwise it may cause your exterior to look ugly if the colors don’t go well together. Here are a couple of great examples of a bold front door colour: Front door, Toronto House painting, exterior painting Front door, Toronto House painting, exterior painting

Exterior Idea 3: Paint your vinyl or aluminum window frames

painted vinyl windows, Toronto house painter, exterior paintingA lot of people are wanting to change, or update, their house’s windows. If you are wanting to get new windows then you could check out someone like MWT Windows to get you those new windows that you’ve always wanted. Once you have them installed then it would be a good idea to make sure that you have them painted in the right colour. Don’t forget that you’ll want to make sure that the upkeep and maintenance of these windows are in check. Today’s paint and primers are very advanced and they will adhere on surfaces you might not have thought of. So, if your aluminum or vinyl windows are looking a little faded and tired, why don’t you have us paint them? Or, if you just want a colour change and don’t want to replace the windows, why don’t we paint them? READ MORE: 3 reasons to paint my maintenance-free windows

Any more ideas?

These are just a few exterior ideas of the many possible things to paint and enhance your home, I’m sure you can come up with more. If you want CAM Painters to do the legwork to implement one of these ideas why don’t you book a quote? We’d be happy to transform the exterior of your Toronto home with lasting beauty!

How do I prepare my Toronto home for exterior painting?

How do I prepare my Toronto home for exterior painting?

Exterior painting is around the corner, so what can you do to prepare your Toronto home for painting?toronto house painter, exterior painting

First, look around to see if your home needs painting

As the warmer weather comes have a look around at the exterior of your home and see what maintenance needs to be done. Maybe you need a new front door from companies such as Doors Plus to prepare for the upcoming winter. It’s a good idea to do this as early as possible so that you have enough time to get estimates and book the work before a contractor’s schedules get filled up. Consider exactly which look you’d like to achieve in advance, for example, if you love the look of painted siding, you might need to book M&M Home Exteriors to replace it first.

In terms of exterior painting look at:

  • window sills – these typically start peeling before the rest of the window
  • any wood that sits close to the ground – these areas typically have snow sitting against them during the winter, which makes them peel sooner than other areas
  • south facing side of the house – the sun draws moisture out of the wood, which can cause paint to peel

Select a painting contractor and book the work

Find a contractor that operates local to your area. For example, if you live in Colorado Springs, you might want to look for house painters Colorado Springs. Make sure you do lots of background research on the company before booking the work in though.

Get prepared for exterior painting

Toronto house painter, exterior paintingThere are a few things to keep in mind to make the painting process as smooth as possible:

  • We are going to need a space to store our tools at the end of the day – we can use a shed, garage etc.
  • We also need an area of the yard to store our ladders
  • Any doors that we paint will have to be left open a few hours to dry. So please plan to either leave us a key or for someone to be home when we paint the doors.
  • Depending on the type of windows we might need access into the house to open and close them so that they don’t get painted shut.
  • Please make arrangements to keep pets out of the work area.
  • Please trim back bushes from around the house so that we can have good access, or have a landscaper do the work for you.

Toronto house painter, exterior paintingOther notes

Please be aware that unforeseen delays can happen when dealing with exterior painting. Moisture content in the wood must be below 20%, and if it’s above we have to wait for the wood to dry out. So be flexible with your painting schedule to ensure best results.

CAM Painters would love to Transform the exterior of your Toronto Home with Lasting Beauty, so book an estimate now!

Can my Toronto painting project be completed in one day?

Can my Toronto painting project be completed in one day?

Most people value quick and efficient service. Their oil is changed in 15 minutes, their pizza is at their door within 30 minutes. Can the same thing be applied to painting services? Let’s find out…

What can be accomplished in a day of painting?

There are many new products coming out with shorter dry times, which allow us to complete more of your project in a shorter time. I’ll give a few examples:

Quick dry caulking: This particular product can be painted within a half hour versus over an hour with most other types of caulk.

READ: How-To: Get a Straight Line of Caulking

Sheetrock 5 or EasySand 5: These are powder based patching compounds which are designed to be fast drying. In fact, as long as a patch is fairly shallow it can be sanded within an hour. This allows us to do multiple skim coats on a patch in one day. Previously the quickest drying powder was Sheetrock 20, where a skim coat would generally take a half day to dry.

Quick dry primers: Many times we’ll use quick dry primers that can be top coated within 30 min to an hour. This gives us the ability to prime and paint in the same day.

However, we transform your home with lasting beauty, and sometimes it takes a little more time to achieve a lasting result. So, what are the circumstances that would prevent painting from being done in one day?

High level of prep needed before painting.

We work on many older homes in the city and it’s very common to see cracks in plaster walls, deep holes, and other damage.
crack in plaster- Toronto Home Painting - House Painters, CAM Painters

painting layer of plaster- Toronto Home Painting - House Painters, CAM Painters

Some painters looking to quickly finish the job will just skim over cracks in plaster, however, this is only a temporary cosmetic solution. The crack is still lurking underneath the quick fix and it generally shows through the surface again, not long after the work has been completed.

In order to properly correct these fault lines in your walls, they must be dug out and widened before a thick layer of plaster compound is put in to stabilize the crack.

Whenever a thick layer of plaster compound is applied it generally needs to be left until the next day before it is dry enough to sand.

Likewise, when dealing with deep holes or other damage we have to wait for the plaster compound to dry, which generally means leaving it to the next day.

Also, when dealing with drywall walls, damaged seams generally take over a day to fix when the dry time is factored in.

Painting in humid areas and other factors that affect drying time.

In the summer, if there is a lot of humidity in the air the paint won’t dry as quickly and extra time will have to be factored in. This additional time can be reduced by running the air conditioning or a dehumidifier. If you do not have an air conditioner within the home, you may want to see about having an installation done by taking a look at company websites such as aqualityhvac.org/air-conditioning/ac-installation/ for guidance.

In the winter some exterior walls can be very cold, especially in older Toronto homes with poor insulation. These cold walls can greatly slow down the drying of both plaster compound and paint.

What can be done to speed drying times when painting?

Many times if plaster or paint is taking a long time to dry a painter will use a fan, heater, hair dryer or even a heat gun to speed the drying process. Whilst heat guns, that you can get from places like Pro-Tect Plastics (https://shrinkwrapcontainments.com/p-34-shrinkfast-998-ul-heat-gun-kit.aspx) can be particularly useful, ensuring that you use them properly, as well as controlling the temperature will be crucial in the success of the drying process. These techniques are fine, and we use some of these methods from time to time, but with caution. If dry time is accelerated too much what happens is that the top layer of either patch or paint dries, but underneath is still wet. The wet patch or paint will actually cause cracking and blistering in the future because the surface underneath is unstable.

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painting a staircase- Toronto Home Painting - House Painters, CAM PaintersSo, in conclusion, CAM Painters can get a lot of painting done in a day, but there are many situations where we will need to give patching compound, primer or paint adequate time to dry so that it provides a sound, durable paint system for you, our valued client. In these situations, we prefer to do things right, rather than do things quickly.

So why don’t you book a quote? CAM Painters will Transform your home with lasting beauty!

3 reasons to paint my “maintenance-free” windows

3 reasons to paint my “maintenance-free” windows

vinyl windows, toronto house painter, interior painting, exterior painting, wallpaper installation


Factory-finished windows, whether they are vinyl, aluminum or any other type of metal or plastic are marketed as “maintenance-free” windows. If you’re looking for arizona windows, it’s important to know exactly what you’re purchasing.
Why would you want to paint something that is “maintenance-free”?

Here are 3 reasons why you might be considering painting your “maintenance-free” windows:

  1. They have faded or discoloured over time
  2. The metal has become pitted
  3. You’re wanting to change the colour

How do we go about painting these type of windows at CAM Painters?

First of all, this customer wanted the actual window frame to be left white and

vinyl windows, toronto house painter, interior painting, exterior painting, wallpaper installation

Marked up photo of what gets painted

the window casing to be painted, to create a pleasant 2 tone effect. She also wanted the vinyl shutters to be painted as well. So, in order for her wishes to be clearly communicated with the team, I used an app called Skitch to mark up a photo. Now the team knows exactly what goes where, so there’s no confusion!

Next, the windows and shutters were dirty, so we used a cleaner/degreaser to get rid of all the dirt so the surface would be nice and clean for the next step. She was considering installing new shutters but decided against it to try and revive her current shutters and give them a new burst of life!

Then we primed the surface with Extreme Bond Primer from Sherwin Williams. This primer is designed to adhere to glossy surfaces, such as factory-finished vinyl and aluminum. It provides an excellent base for our top-line paint to go over.

vinyl windows, toronto house painter, interior painting, exterior painting, wallpaper installation

The finished product!

We then painted the shutters and window frames with Emerald exterior satin from Sherwin Williams.

This is Sherwin Williams top-line exterior product and it is formulated to be used on exterior vinyl. Sherwin Williams was finding that when their regular exterior paint was used on vinyl that it would fade over time. They developed new tints for their Emerald line that are “vinyl-safe” meaning that the colour will remain vibrant over time. We at CAM Painters like this because we transform homes with lasting beauty, we don’t want your home’s colour to fade in a couple of years. It might be a good idea for some to consider a change of shutters for their windows to match the colour change. My friend told me that they got their new shutters from this website.

So these are the reasons why you might consider painting your factory-finished vinyl or aluminum clad windows and Custom Plantation Shutters, as well as the procedure we use to ensure that we have a lasting beautiful finish you can be proud of!

If you have some exterior painting needs why don’t you book a quote? Have CAM Painters Transform Your Home With Lasting Beauty!