The Background

I recently heard of the Paint It Forward initiative started by Josh Abramson, a painting contractor down in California. His team would seek nominations of people and/or organizations who were in need of painting, but couldn’t afford it. The team would then select a winner from the nominations and would gift them a free paint job.

The Nomination Process

When I heard about this I knew it would be a great way to give back to our community, so we started seeking nominations for our Paint It Forward campaign back in December. By mid-January we had a few nominations to choose from and the team ended up choosing the Royal Canadian Legion at Pape Ave and O’Connor in East York.

Painting It Forward!

The Legion had a roof leak that created quite a mess on a couple of sections of wall, one in the auditorium and the other in the President’s Lounge. Luckily they were able to get the roof issue fixed by a company similar to and then we could get a start on the repainting project. The walls had commercial vinyl
wall-covering that had been painted over many times, but when the moisture came in it separated the wall-covering from the wall underneath, as you can see. We decided, since much prep work would be required to fix this, that we would concentrate on fixing these two sections and doing some miscellaneous doors and trim as time would allow. We also wanted to make sure that the moisture definitely wouldn’t come in again, so we took it upon ourselves to get some advice from a company that specializes in Water Damage Repair. There are so many things to be aware of when there is water damage in your home. When it leads to mold it can actually make the air unsafe to breathe and can also eat away at anything it is growing on. It’s important to make yourself aware of how can prevent it. Do you know the 3 types of water damage? It’s quite surprising how easy it is to have water damage in your home.

Here’s the process we went through:

  • we took the wall-covering off where it was peeling
  • primed the walls underneath
  • skimmed the walls with a couple of coats of plaster
  • sanded the plaster smooth
  • primed the bare plaster
  • painted the walls

I like to say that we took a disaster-piece and made it into a masterpiece!

Many thanks to my painter Naz, who volunteered his time and who was a vital part of the selection process. Also, many thanks to Angie Gualtieri, the Legion president who was very accommodating with allowing us access to the building to work on the project!

Overall, we had a remarkable experience and we are looking forward to our next Paint It Forward in the very near future!

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Naz is Painting it Forward!

Naz is Painting it Forward!

water damage in President’s Lounge

Auditorium wall is finished!

water damage on auditorium wall

wall-covering off the wall and walls skimmed

Angie, Legion President and me in front of finished President’s Lounge wall