It’s that time of year! The time that everyone reflects on the past year and sets goals for the next.

How about setting some goals for taking care of your home in 2018? If you proactively take care of your home it will pay dividends down the road in terms of money savings and comfort.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started!

Don’t put off small maintenance items.

Changing your furnace filter is just one example. By changing your furnace filter on a regular basis you increase your overall comfort and lessen the chance of expensive furnace repairs in the future. It’s simple enough to pick up 20x20x1 furnance Filters, and the potential savings more than justify the cost. If you are looking for furnace repairs you may want to search online for your local furnace repair service or visit somewhere similar to CASTLEHOMECOMFORT.COM/HEATING/FURNACE-REPAIRS/ to learn more about what they offer.

Keep an eye on the humidity in your home

Homes can get extremely dry in the winter months, so be sure to monitor the humidity in your home. This can also be adjusted with your furnace, so make sure to hire someone like WWW.PAULTHEPLUMBERNH.COM/HEATING/REPAIR/ to keep an eye on it for you. I know of someone who’s place was so dry that all the glue in her wooden furniture dried out and it started falling apart!goals, toronto house painter, interior painting, exterior painting, wallpaper installation

Dryness can also affect your paint and wallpaper. Oh yes, if there’s not enough humidity the paste that holds wallpaper to walls can dry out and the seams in the wallpaper can open up. Also, if there’s not enough humidity in the home wooden trim can shift and open up cracks and gaps in the paint work.

A related tip..

Check the tops of your doors, door frames and window frames. Oftentimes these are missed or skipped by painters, however, it’s helpful to have them painted even though they’re generally not seen. If all sides of the wood are not painted as the more humid weather comes moisture can enter through the exposed surface and it can swell. This is the reason why when you shut a door it can feel tight at one time of year and loose at another.

How about some exterior paint-related tips?

Keep snow off your deck, front steps, window sills, basement window wells. Basically, if snow is sitting on a painted surface, it’s wise to clear it off. By removing the snow you not only protect the paint job, you also protect the wood underneath. Ice and snow build up can really take a toll on wood – even more so than a summer rain shower. When a rain shower comes, it generally passes in an hour or two. When snow comes, it stays for weeks on end. You should also keep an eye on any paint being taken away from the wood due to continuous water exposure as this could be a sign that you have a leak somewhere. It could just be your drains or it could be damage on your roof. If you find damage then contact some round rock roofing contractors to see if they can fix it for you. goals, toronto house painter, interior painting, exterior painting, wallpaper installation

This moisture issue is compounded by the wood expanding during the spring thaw too. As the wood expands the grain opens up, it can crack the paint and allow the melting snow to penetrate into the wood. The more moisture that gets into wood, the greater chance of wood rot and degradation.

In summary…

Setting a goal for taking care of your home in 2018 can pay for itself in comfort and cost savings. It can also pay for a new paint job too!!! So why don’t you book a quote? CAM Painters would love to Transform your home with lasting beauty!