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Many painting projects can be handled by a DIY home owner.  Stairwells, however, have tricky angles and in most cases require specialized ladders.  This should be taken into consideration when deciding to tackle your stairwell painting project yourself or hire a professional.

First thing, CAM Painters has the proper tools and ladders to paint stairwells safely and efficiently. When you hire CAM Painters to paint your stairwell in Toronto you get:

  1. Properly trained painters using safe work practices
  2. Appropriate equipment for hard to reach areas
  3. Painters who are fully covered by WSIB and Liability Insurance
  4. A superior paint job that you can be proud of

stairwell painting, railings, handrail, spindlesI’m sure you’ve seen wavy edging done with brush extenders and other edging tools mounted to poles.  For straight lines in corners the painter needs to be eye level with the corner-we can do that.

So how much does it cost to paint a stairwell? It can range from $500 to over $1000 plus tax depending on the complexity of the project what surfaces you want to be painted.

  • Do you just want the walls painted?
  • Were you thinking ceiling, walls and trim?
  • How about stair risers, tread, handrails, etc.?
  • Some combination of the above?

Please feel free to schedule an on-site quotation for your stairwell project in Toronto and transform your home with lasting beauty!