So you’re planning on renovating your Toronto home?

CAM Painters can help! Everybody loves a bit of home renovation, and the beauty in it is that there are so many ways you can go about renovating your home, even if it is just investing in new interior doors as you’re not really into the old design anymore or having new windows put in. Whether this is through installing a home security camera external or renovating a certain room, there are so many ways to improve a house. However, we believe that painting is at the heart of all home renovation projects! Especially if you like many have decided to get your house painted after replacing doors or windows or add an addition to your house using somewhere like Not only can we do the painting, we can recommend the sequence of painting so that it’s done as efficiently as possible.renovating, paint before moving, Toronto house painter, interior painting

Step 1: After the drywall has been installed, taped and plastered

Prime walls and ceilings, Paint ceilings, Prime and Paint trim while it’s loose

Once the place has been drywalled, taped and mudded it’s a perfect time to have us in to prime and paint the ceilings. Ideally this can be done before flooring goes in. As an added bonus, if the trim and casings are onsite, we can prime and get a coat on those before they are installed.

The benefit of getting the ceiling and walls primed early on in the renovating process is that if there are any deficiencies by the drywallers, these can be seen and rectified. It’s better to have these deficiencies fixed before the floors, trim and other finishes go in.

Getting a coat of primer and paint on the trim while it is loose is more efficient than after it’s installed, so it saves time, which in turn saves money.

Step 2: After flooring and trim has been installedRenovating, Toronto house painting, best value

The next phase of renovating would be to have us in after the flooring and trim has been installed.

This phase would consist of the following:

  • Filing nail holes in the trim
  • Caulking gaps between the trim and the wall
  • Painting the walls – 2 coats
  • Painting the trim – it already has 1 coat, so it just needs the final coat

At this point the project would be complete, except for touch ups

Step 3: Final touch ups after move in

Although most movers are careful, there is always some wear and tear from moving furniture back into a home. So we recommend allowing for a day of touching up the paint, which can be scheduled shortly after you move in.

Final thoughts to consider when planning your renovation

You should allow enough time in your renovation schedule that painting can occur when there are no other trades. As careful as other trades are, the more of them that are onsite, the more damage that is likely to happen to the paint.

Your contractor should ensure that the HVAC system is running properly prior to having any painting. If a house is too cold, or too dry, it can have a negative impact on how the paint dries. If your HVAC system isn’t working then you need to hire a professional who can help Repair Air Conditioning & Heating System for you. renovating, toronto house painters

Your contractor should also ensure that there is a laundry sink and that water is available to use. We need water to clean brushes, mix patching compound and wet rags to clean off surfaces.

Also, please make sure your contractor has the wood casings and trim are on site a week before painting starts. This allows the wood to acclimatize to the house and do any expansion or contraction before primer and paint is applied.

If you’d like to have CAM Painters handle the painting portion of your renovation project why don’t you book a quote? We’d be happy to Transform your home with lasting beauty!