As I write this at the end of September we are having warmer weather than we’ve had all summer in Toronto.  But eventually this heat wave will end, which begs the question, when is it too cold to paint the exterior of my Toronto home?

The simple answer is, it depends on the paint and the outside temperature.  Usually the paint can lists the temperature range that it works best in.  So, what happens when you paint in the outer limits of the range – either too hot or too cold?

What happens when you paint in weather that is too hot?

The hotter it is outside, the faster paint will dry.  Keeping this in mind is key, because if the paint dries to quickly it won’t dry all the way through.  Instead, the top layer of the paint will dry and leave wet paint underneath, which will eventually blister as the solvent separates from the paint.  This is only a problem when the temperature is in the high twenties and above.exterior painting, toronto house painting, too cold

How do you avoid this?

The best thing to do is to avoid painting in the direct sun when it’s in the high twenties and above.  Another thing to keep in mind is to apply thin coats, which have a better chance of drying all the way through.  

Keeping these tips in mind can keep you painting throughout the warm summer months

What happens when you paint in weather that is too cold?

The colder it gets, the longer it takes for paint to dry.  In fact, it can take twice as long for paint to dry at 2 degrees vs 7 degrees.  So if the forecast says that there is an overnight frost warning, the paint might not have a chance to dry before the frost hits, which means it will not fully cure until the following day.

So what is our general rule-of-thumb?

Just to give an extra margin of error, we like to make sure that the weather isn’t predicted to get below 5 degrees overnight.exterior painting, toronto house painter, too cold

Most years it stays above this threshold until mid to late October.  

Do you still have some exterior painting to do?

Act fast and book a quote, we might be able to fit your project in this year.  If not, you can book your project for the spring of 2018 at this year’s pricing, so it always pays to plan ahead!  CAM Painters would love to Transform the exterior of your home with lasting beauty!