It’s our goal to ensure you have a great painting experience throughout the painting of your Toronto home.  Here’s how we ensure a great experience at the end of your project.

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The day before completion

end of project, Toronto house paintersWe like to ensure no minor touch ups are missed, so the day before completion we look everything over and mark any touch ups with painters tape, so that none are missed during the last day.  Also, we put together a to-do list so that we can ensure that none of the fine details are missed.

If there’s anything you’d like us to address before the end of the job letting us know the day before completion helps us to budget the time for it on the day of completion.

We’ll also review the invoice with you, so you can be prepared with a cheque on the final day.  If you’re not available in person, we’ll text or email you this information.

The day of completion

On the day of completion we’ll go through our to-do list and painters tape touch ups.

We do a full clean up of the areas we were working in, including removing our garbage.  We’ll leave you any left over paint for future touch ups, labelled by room, of course.end of project, Toronto house painters

We’ll walk the job and ensure that everything looks great!

We’ll thank you for your business!

We want you to have a great experience from start to end!

We want you to have a great experience from start to finish, so why don’t you start by scheduling a quote?  We’d love to Transform Your Home With Lasting Beauty!