What can I do with the wall panelling in the basement of my Toronto home?

What can I do with the wall panelling in the basement of my Toronto home?

Are your children scared of going down in the basement?  Do you jokingly call your basement a dungeon?  If you own an older Toronto home, chances are you have dark panelled walls in the basement.  

Dark walls, combined with small basement windows and limited light make for a really dark living space!  How can you make your basement more light and inviting?  Here are a few ideas

Install more lighting.

Add a few more fixtures, whether that means installing pot lights, or just using brighter bulbs in your existing fixtures.

Rip out your old walls and install drywall

Obviously the best solution for your basement walls is to install new drywall, this give your home the most up to date look, however, let’s weigh the pros and cons:

Pros:  You end up with smooth painted walls

Cons:  It’s both the most expensive and the most time-consuming option

Paint your panelling

Did you know that you can paint that dark panelling in your basement?  What’s involved?  First you’ll need to make sure that the surface is clean.  Use a primer that offers good adhesion, one of our favorites for this application is Sherwin Williams Extreme Bond Primer, or XIM UMA both of which are designed to stick to glossy and smooth surfaces such as panelling.

Pros:  Very economical and you can paint it whatever colour you choose

Cons:  You still have the ridges from the old panelling

Wallpaper your panelling

Once your panelling is primed you can have wallpaper installed over the top of it.  In general, thicker wallpaper will work better in this situation that a thinner wallpaper would because the thicker paper hides surface imperfections better.

Pros:  You don’t have to install new drywall to achieve smooth walls

Cons:  The panelling needs to have been installed properly in the first place.  If there are bumps, especially where the panels join, this could show through the finished product.

In conclusion

There is hope for your dark dungeon-like basement!  If you’d like to paint or wallpaper your panelled basement walls why don’t you book a quote?  We’d be happy to transform your basement with lasting beauty!

5 Interesting Wallpaper Ideas for Your Toronto Home

5 Interesting Wallpaper Ideas for Your Toronto Home

At CAM Painters we can install wallpaper in unique and interesting ways, maybe you’ll get some wallpaper ideas for your Toronto home!

The back wall of a bookshelfwallpaper ideas, toronto wallpaper installation

This is a great idea to jazz up a drab bookshelf.  It’s a very good idea if you have limited material.  For example, the wall behind this shelving was done with one double roll of wallpaper.

The Wallpaper Faux-Backsplash

If there’s an area of your kitchen that you have cabinetry and you wanted to dress up the wall in between the upper and lower cabinets, why not use some wallpaper?  It’s best to use it in an area where there isn’t wallpaper ideas, Toronto wallpaper installationa lot of moisture or grease, which would be more suited to a tile backsplash.  Here’s a pantry area in a kitchen where we used wallpaper as the backsplash and it looks fantastic.  You can’t get tile that looks like this!!!!

Once again, we did this installation with one double roll of standard sized wallpaper.

A Powder Room Accent Wall

Once again, if you only have one double roll of wallpaper here’s a great idea; why don’t you do an accent wall in your powder room?  Accenting the vanity wall can be a great way of adding some pwallpaper ideas, toronto wallpaper installationop and visual interest to an otherwise boring powder room.  Your guests will be delighted as they sit around, doing what people do in powder rooms, facing a cavalcade of colour and design!

A Fireplace Accent Wall

wallpaper ideas, toronto wallpaper installationA fireplace is a place for the family to gather around, in fact, it’s a focal point of many homes (well, before TV anyway).  Why not make it even better with some wallpaper?  The installation shown was done with one roll of grasscloth and it turned out great, the client was very pleased.

A Bedroom Accent Wallwallpaper ideas, toronto wallpaper installation

This is a great way to add wallpaper to a bedroom.  Generally and accent wall in a bedroom takes 2 to 4 double rolls of wallpaper, depending on the size of the wall.  But the right wallpaper really makes a difference.  The photo here was done with 2 double rolls of wallpaper.


Need more wallpaper ideas?

Just ask, we’ve done a lot of wallpaper installations and are happy to share our ideas.  In fact, why don’t you book a quote?  We’d be happy to transform your home with the beauty of wallpaper!




What Are The 3 Most Important Questions To Ask Your Toronto Wallpaper Installer?

What Are The 3 Most Important Questions To Ask Your Toronto Wallpaper Installer?

wallpaper installer, toronto house painting, wallpaper installation, wallpaper hanging, CAM PaintersSo you’ve decided to have some wallpaper installation in your Toronto home, that’s great!  Wallpaper is an outstanding way to introduce some texture and pattern to your walls.

As you’re going through the process of selecting paper and a reputable wallpaper hanger to do the installation there are a few questions that you should ask.

First, will your wallpaper installer provide resources to help you with selecting your wallpaper?

There are 17 distinct groupings of wallpaper.  Additionally, you can custom order wallpaper through many paint stores or order online from many sources.  As such, the choices can be very overwhelming.

CAM Painters works with some very talented interior designers who can assist you in the selection of the perfect wallpaper.  We would be happy to refer you to them and rest assured, you’ll be in good hands.

CAM Painters is able to assist you in calculating how many rolls of wallpaper you’ll need for your installation.  You don’t want to buy too many rolls, and at the same time you definitely don’t want to not have enough to complete the installation.

Next, is your wallpaper installer fully insured?

CAM Painters has both full WSIB coverage and liability insurance.  This gives you peace of mind in the unlikely event an injury happens in your home or any accidental damage happens in your home.

wallpaper intstaller, toronto house painters, interior painting, exterior painting, toronto wallpaper installationLastly, does your installer have experience working with a variety of different papers?

There are many different varieties of wallpaper and each behaves a little different.

There are 2 types of wallpaper:

  • Pre-pasted wallpapers, which have the paste already incorporated into the paper.These can be installed either by soaking in water to activate the paste, or by applying an activator to the back of the paper.
  • Unpasted wallpapers, which require a wallpaper paste.  These wallpapers are installed  either by pasting the wall or by pasting the roll.  Non-woven papers are generally installed by pasting the wall.  Woven papers are generally installed by pasting the back of the roll, folding it over on itself (also called booking the roll) and left to sit for anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes.

An experienced installer will adjust his or her installation methods based on the weight of the paper, humidity in the air amongst other factors.

CAM Painters has been installing wallpaper since 2003.  We have installed many different types of wallpaper including flocked velvet, 52″ vinyl, grasscloth, silk weave and other more standard wallpapers.

So, for a great way to add texture and pattern to your walls, think wallpaper installation for your Toronto home.  And for Toronto wallpaper installation book a quote with CAM Painters and Transform your home with lasting beauty!


How much does it cost to wallpaper a room in Toronto?

How much does it cost to wallpaper a room in Toronto?

wallpaper cost, toronto house painting, wallpaper installation, wallpaper hanging, CAM Painters

So your thinking about doing some wallpaper?  Wallpaper is a great way to add pattern and texture to a room.  Even just a little bit of wallpaper makes a big statement!

How do I go about choosing wallpaper for my room?

There are many wallpapers to choose from, damask patterns, geometric patterns, paintable wallpaper (also known as anaglypta)

CAM Painters has access to interior designers who will come to your location with samples to assist you in choosing your paper. If you prefer to go to a paint store to choose your paper we have a list of stores which have great staff who can assist in the selection process.

If you decide to select wallpaper yourself be sure to:

How much does the wallpaper cost?

This varies widely, we have worked with wallpaper that cost $30 per roll, up to $800 per roll, most being around the $100 per roll range.

How much does the installation cost?

It depends on the wallpaper chosen, some papers are more difficult to install than others.  It also depends on the room, if there are many corners and/or odd angles that adds to the complexity of the installation, also, lighting fixtures, bathroom fixtures, etc. take extra time to work around, too.

Here are some typical installation prices, not including the material cost (as of Feb 2017):

  • A typical accent wall in a bedroom could be as low as $450 plus tax
  • A full bedroom could range from $600 to $1000 plus tax, depending on size

Be sure to contact us so we can give you an accurate assessment on your wallpaper installation.

Remember, with wallpaper you can transform your home with lasting beauty!

How many rolls of wallpaper should I order for my wallpaper project?

How many rolls of wallpaper should I order for my wallpaper project?

wallpaper installation toronto interior exterior house painting

wallpaper in stairwell

Wallpaper is a great way to add colour, pattern and texture to a space. But how much wallpaper do you need to order? There are general rules of thumb as to how much coverage you will get from each roll, which I’ll go through here:

First rule is, just because the roll says its 56.4 square feet, don’t think that it will cover 56.4 square feet. With any wallpaper installation there is wasted material that must be accounted for, even with a random match.

Next rule of thumb is, most double rolls of wallpaper will provide 3 full strips on the wall, given a standard 8 ft ceiling. Therefore, if the wallpaper is 20.5” wide, a double roll will provide 61.5” of coverage on the wall.

Lets take an example, say you want to know how many rolls of wallpaper for an accent wall that is 10 ft wide by 8 ft high.

10 ft = 120”
120” divided by 61.5” (coverage per double roll) = 1.95
Therefore 2 double rolls would be needed for the wall

Here are some exceptions:

Some rolls of wallpaper are not 20.5” wide, 27” width is also common. Generally 27” wide wallpaper will still provide 3 strips on the wall, so your coverage would increase to 81” per roll.

Wallpaper with large patterns results in more waste, therefore the repeat of the pattern has to be taken into account when calculating number of rolls needed. Generally we can still get 3 full strips of material out of these rolls, but in rare cases we can’t

Conversely, some wallpaper with no repeat, or a very small repeat can yield 4 full strips of material, in which case less wallpaper is needed.

Windows and door frames should be accounted for as they have the potential to decrease the number of rolls that are needed for the project.

Feel free to contact us and we’ll crunch the numbers for you to ensure that you’re ordering the correct amount of wallpaper for your next wallpaper project.