3 Tips to get the best value when painting your Toronto home

3 Tips to get the best value when painting your Toronto home

The cost of painting a Toronto home can vary widely, however, there are some ways to get the best value from your painting contractor, and here’s how….

Most of these suggestions come down to proper planning.  If you can make your painting contractor’s job more easy, so that they can get it done in less time, then there should be a savings for you.Toronto house painters, best value, CAM Painters

Plan ahead

Just as I was writing this blog post I got a call for wallpaper installation, which would take the better part of a week, based on what he told me.  The person wanted me to come and do an estimate today (Sat Aug 12th).  I proceeded to ask when he was hoping for the work to start and he said he needed it to start on Monday Aug 14th, 2 days later!  This is a recipe for frustration!  The chances of finding a reputable wallpaper installer who happens to have a week-long opening 2 days after looking at a job is very low, to say the least!

If you call a painting contractor and expect him to do the job on short notice, chances are that to accommodate you they have to move other jobs around and inconvenience some of their other clients.  This creates extra work for the painting contractor and they usually charge a premium for last minute work.

In order to be on the safe side it’s wise to start gathering quotes at least a month before you actually want the work done, that way you can have a good chance of getting the time that you want.

If you can be flexible with timing you’ll get the best value

If you are able to be patient, it can pay dividends!  Painting in Toronto tends to be busy in the summer and slower in the winter.  If you have interior painting to do and can wait until the slower winter months, you can generally get the best value.  

Here at CAM Painters if you book work for the slower months of December through March we’ll throw in some items for free to reward you for your patience.  Say, for example we’re painting your entire room (ceiling, walls and all the trim), we’ll give you the baseboard in that room for free.  best value, moving furniture, toronto house painter

Ensure that we have good access to the areas we’re painting

Another way to make sure you get the best value for your painting dollar is to ensure that we have clear access to the areas that we’re painting.  Painting before moving in is always ideal, feel free to read about all the advantages here.  

Empty rooms are the most ideal, however, not always practical if you’re residing in the home.  However, the better cleared out the room is, the more efficient and less time it takes to paint.  In terms of a furnished room, all the furniture should be moved to the centre of the room, so that there is at least 5 or 6 feet around the walls, and all pictures, etc. taken off the walls.  If you, the client, does this work, you save the cost of having us do it, if we have to do all the work of moving your belongings then we have to charge for it.

In conclusion

As you can see, with some proper planning and a little bit of effort on your part, it’s possible to keep the cost of your painting project low, without compromising at all on workmanship or durability.

Why don’t you have CAM Painters over for a quote?  We’d be happy to transform your home with lasting beauty!

What can I do with the wall panelling in the basement of my Toronto home?

What can I do with the wall panelling in the basement of my Toronto home?

Are your children scared of going down in the basement?  Do you jokingly call your basement a dungeon?  If you own an older Toronto home, chances are you have dark panelled walls in the basement.  

Dark walls, combined with small basement windows and limited light make for a really dark living space!  How can you make your basement more light and inviting?  Here are a few ideas

Install more lighting.

Add a few more fixtures, whether that means installing pot lights, or just using brighter bulbs in your existing fixtures.

Rip out your old walls and install drywall

Obviously the best solution for your basement walls is to install new drywall, this give your home the most up to date look, however, let’s weigh the pros and cons:

Pros:  You end up with smooth painted walls

Cons:  It’s both the most expensive and the most time-consuming option

Paint your panelling

Did you know that you can paint that dark panelling in your basement?  What’s involved?  First you’ll need to make sure that the surface is clean.  Use a primer that offers good adhesion, one of our favorites for this application is Sherwin Williams Extreme Bond Primer, or XIM UMA both of which are designed to stick to glossy and smooth surfaces such as panelling.

Pros:  Very economical and you can paint it whatever colour you choose

Cons:  You still have the ridges from the old panelling

Wallpaper your panelling

Once your panelling is primed you can have wallpaper installed over the top of it.  In general, thicker wallpaper will work better in this situation that a thinner wallpaper would because the thicker paper hides surface imperfections better.

Pros:  You don’t have to install new drywall to achieve smooth walls

Cons:  The panelling needs to have been installed properly in the first place.  If there are bumps, especially where the panels join, this could show through the finished product.

In conclusion

There is hope for your dark dungeon-like basement!  If you’d like to paint or wallpaper your panelled basement walls why don’t you book a quote?  We’d be happy to transform your basement with lasting beauty!

How to Create Sharp Lines with Painter’s Tape!

How to Create Sharp Lines with Painter’s Tape!

The mark of a great paint job for your Toronto home is straight, sharp lines.  This can be beneficial if you are doing stripes on a wall, or just want a clean line between walls and ceiling.

Many times when we are painting, we will do our “cut” lines freehand, just following the corner between the wall and, or the groove between trim and wall.  However, there are many situations where a professional painter needs tape to ensure a clean sharp cut line.

Here are a list of best practices to get the sharpest line possible.

Select a good painter’s tape

The beige tape is not painter’s tape.  Beige tape is too sticky and usually peels paint off the surface.

This particular tape is usually green or blue and is clearly labeled “painter’s tape”.  The best is Frog Tape, but it’s one of the most costly painters tape as well.

Apply the tape correctly

Even if a high quality painter’s tape is used all is for nought if it’s not applied correctly.  If the edges aren’t properly sealed then paint will seep underneath the tape and wreck any possibility of a sharp straight line.

How do you seal the edges of the tape?

If you are using Frog Tape, you have to make sure that the edge is firmly pressed down.  Either use your finger and run it along the edge of the tape, or some people will use a plastic putty knife and run that along the edge of the tape.  Once that’s done there should be no paint seeping under the tape and you’ll get a sharp line.

If you have an ordinary painter’s tape a sharp line can still be achieved.  Once again, firmly press the tape down, either with your finger or a plastic putty knife.  However, an extra step after this is needed to ensure that the edge is properly sealed, this can take the form of:

  1. a thin bead of caulking along the edge of the tape
  2. some of the base colour along the edge of the tape
  3. a clear flat varnish along the edge of the tapesharp tape lines, painter's tape

Any of these methods will seal the edge of the tape.

Removing the tape

Either remove the tape right after you paint, or wait until the paint is fully dry.  If the paint is partially dry it can lift off the surface.

How you remove the tape is important as well:

  • go slowly
  • keep the tape at an obtuse angle, ie. close to the surface as you pull

There you have it!  Clean beautiful paint lines!

If you’d rather leave the clean, beautiful paint lines to the professionals why don’t you book a quote?  We’d be happy to Transform Your Home With Lasting Beauty!


Transform your Toronto home with custom wall decor!

Transform your Toronto home with custom wall decor!

We at CAM Painters are always looking for ways to Transform Your Home With Lasting Beauty, custom wall painting torontoand in our search we discovered an exciting new product from a Canadian company called Peacock Living.  Their product SurfaceMotif, allows unparalleled flexibility with colour and design for your home.  I’ll let Leroy, founder of Peacock Living explain:

What is it?

Peacock Living offers homeowners and decorators a new and exciting interior decorating solution for the home. SurfaceMotif provides a fun and easy approach to applying designs that can be painted and personalized, whether you are designing a custom wall décor, working on a DIY project, or ccustom wall painting torontoreating a feature wall.

How does it work?

SurfaceMotif was designed to be an innovative alternative to wallpaper and stencils; it is a stenciled masking tape that comes in a roll 18 inches (45.7cm) wide and 30 (9.1m) feet long, with a unique stencil design in the tape.  The result, different tape sections can be easily removed, creating one of a kind designs, without the hassle of needing to measure and cut.  It is a great solution for adding whimsy to a kid’s room, colour to a backsplash, or elegance to a powder room.

The benefits over wallpaper include;custom wall painting toronto


  • not being limited by the colours available to a particular wallpaper pattern
  • easier to apply, as there is already an adhesive backing
  • being paintable, you can choose or match any colour palette
  • designs are seamless, because SurfaceMotif is only a temporary template for you to create your personalized painted pattern, and is later removed
  • the pattern does not have to be repetitive, depending which tape sections you remove, will create a unique design.
  • perforations every 9” where the pattern repeats, allows you to easily tear off the number of sheets you require, to handle any size project
  • the possibility to colour layer, by removing select sections to paint one colour, then remove additional sections to paint other colours
  • it being redecorating friendly, when you want to upgrade your design and/or colour, lightly sand the surface, prime and you are ready to start your next project.

custom wall painting torontoAbout Peacock Living

Peacock Living is a Canadian company established in 2014.  It is located in Toronto, and launched SurfaceMotif in 2016.  The product is also designed in Toronto, and manufactured within Canada and the United States, using quality painter’s masking tape that will deliver sharp paint lines, remove cleanly, and does not tear easily.

SurfaceMotif is sold on our website, Peacock Living.  Visit our Vertical Motif and Diagonal Motif products page for design ideas, and follow us on Facebook for design inspiration and project ideas.  Explore the Possibilities!


Will you do drywall repairs to my Toronto home?

Will you do drywall repairs to my Toronto home?

Oops, young Johnny was playing hockey indoors and shot a puck into the wall of yoToronto house painters, interior painting, exterior painting, drywall repairur Toronto home, and has left you with a hole in your drywall!

You hosted a Super Bowl 2017 party with some die-hard Atlanta Falcons fans, and the brunt of their frustrations ended up on a 1’x1′ section of wall

What are you going to do?  Do you have to hire two different contractors; a handyman to patch the hole and a painter to paint the wall after the patch?

Actually, CAM Painters can fix that hole in your drywall and then paint your whole house from top to bottom after!  Or we can just repaint the wall that had the hole in it.

If you want your whole house drywalled your better to get a specialist in, but it’s hard to get a drywall contractor in for one patch.  My rule of thumb is that if the repair is less than the size of a sheet of drywall you’re far better off hiring one contractor to do both patch and paint, rather than deal with two contractors.Toronto house painter, interior painting, exterior painting, drywall repair

What’s our process for drywall repairs?

First order of business, we want to keep dust to a minimum.  Drywall patching requires sanding patching compound around the edge of the repairs.  There are a few ways we use to minimize dust:

  • We drape plastic on door openings to minimize dust travelling from one room to another.
  • We apply our patching compound as smooth as possible.  If the patching compound lumpy more sanding needs to be done than if the compound is smooth to start with.
  • We use sanders that hook up to HEPA filter vacuums, so that less dust gets into the atmosphere in the first place.

We also ensure that the repaired area is reinforced to prevent future damage.  This involves putting wood Toronto house painter, interior painting, exterior painting, drywall repairstrapping behind the repair for extra support if necessary.

If you’d like more detail about our patching process read this DIY post:  How to Patch a Hole in my Toronto Home

If you have some holes in your drywall that you need repaired why don’t you book a quote?  We’d love to Transform Your Home With Lasting Beauty!

Recent project:  Staining new wood to match existing stained wood

Recent project: Staining new wood to match existing stained wood

Many people like the look of old stained and varnished wood, especially in older Toronto homes.  But what happens when some of it is damaged and needs to be replaced?  Can the new wood be made to look like the old existing stained and varnished wood?  Yes it can!

Here’s the process that we used to match new wood to old

We matched the stain at the paint store

We got a sample of the old wood and a sample of the new wood and took it to the paint store for matching.  Patience is key with this process.  Our paint store requires 48 hrs for a stain match.

We sanded the trimvarnished wood, stained wood, toronto home painters

In order to ensure that the stain is absorbed evenly into the wood we gave the entire surface a light sand.  This opens up the grain and allows the stain to penetrate evenly into the surface.

Please note that we were staining oak, which is a very dense, hard wood.  Because oak is such a dense wood conditioner is not needed, however when dealing with softer wood, such as pine, a wood conditioner is necessary.  Wood conditioner is a clear base coat that evens out stain absorption.

We stained the trim

The stain that we chose was a rubbing stain, meaning that it is rubbed into the surface with a rag, rather than brushed on the surface.

varnished wood, stained wood, toronto home paintersWhen working with stain it’s better to apply two thin coats rather than one thick coat.  If the stain is applied to thick it can dry blotchy, which we want to minimize, of course.

This particular wood took 3 coats to get to the colour of the existing old wood.

We varnished the wood

The stain needs a minimum of 24 hours before it can be varnished.  This allows for proper drying of the stain before the final step of varnishing.  We matched the gloss level of the existing varnish, which in this case was a semi-gloss.

The first coat of varnish absorbed in to the wood and resulted in an uneven sheen.  So we ended up applying 2 coats which gave us a nice, even result.

In conclusion

varnished wood, stained wood, toronto home paintersWe managed to get a fairly good result, with the new wood trim matching the old wood trim as close as could be expected.  So If you’d like to keep the look of natural wood, but want repaired areas to look like existing areas, why don’t you have CAM Painters give you a quote?  We’d be happy to Transform Your Home With Lasting Beauty!