Chalkboard Calendar installation in Toronto!

Have you ever thought about having a chalkboard calendar in your Toronto home?  How about a magnetic chalkboard calendar? We did just that for a cooking studio in the west end of Toronto. WATCH THE VIDEO: Here are the steps that we did… Products Tape - We used Frog...

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Choosing wallpaper for your Toronto home?

So you’ve heard a lot about wallpaper these days.  Why should you consider it fo your Toronto home? There are many advantages to choosing wallpaper for some walls in your home, especially if you have the work done by a good installer. What about the drawbacks? “I’ve...

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A primer on priming!

Many paints advertise “paint and primer in one” and this can potentially be a time saver.  However, there are certain situations when priming will greatly help a paint job, either in terms of efficiency or durability and sometimes both. Here is our definitive list of...

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